Another Sign Cannabis Is Becoming A Mainstream Business– Collection Agencies

How does a cannabis company collect on unpaid bills? While unpaid consumer credit card bills often fall to retail collections companies, businesses need to turn to other types of collection agencies. Cannabis businesses are no different, except that their industry is newer. Cannabis collections is becoming a need for companies that are transitioning from a small business model to a corporate structure.

CannaBIZ Collects, a Florida company, is the largest collections company specializing in the cannabis industry. A collaborative effort between partners Cody Ziering and Brett Gelfand and commercial collection attorney, Ross Gelfand, the company is one of the first to address the growing need for cannabis collections services.

“Cannabis is an interesting type of market,” Ziering tells InsideSources. “When Colorado first opened recreational sales in 2014, it was pretty much mostly mom and pop shops, maybe one or two dispensaries specialized in grow. As the industry has started to grow and more

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