CBD crackdown continues as infused edibles banned in Maine, New York City

The New York City Department of Health has ordered a number of eateries in the city to refrain from selling CBD-infused foods and beverages. Since the incident, it has been revealed that at least 11 restaurants in the city have been ordered to refrain from using CBD as a food additive. And, apparently many more New York businesses that are adding CBD to items such as baked goods and beverages can expect the same action.

Eater.com, a website devoted to New York Cities millions of foodies, broke a story in early February about Fat Cat Kitchen’s, a bakery in the Gramercy Park neighborhood that was ordered to stop selling food with added CBD. According to the report, a cache of CBD-infused cookies and other pastries along with a container of CBD — about $1,000 worth of product in total — was “embargoed” by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Fat

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