MaltaToday Survey | 32,000 say they have used cannabis, but just one in five supports legalisation

Support for cannabis legalisation stands at 23.6% in the wake of a more liberal discussion about the topic in recent years, a MaltaToday survey has found.

The strongest support for legalisation is found among the younger generation of adult voters, although still not a majority.

The figure represents a significant drop from the 51.2% of people who had supported the decriminalisation of cannabis use in 2014.

Back then, the government had changed the law so that people caught with a small amount of cannabis intended for personal use do not end up in court. Cannabis remained illegal.

A MaltaToday survey in 2014 had found that just over half agreed with cannabis users being warned and never prosecuted if caught with small amounts.

Laws were later introduced, making it possible for medical marijuana to be produced and sold in Malta.

But the debate has now shifted to legalising cannabis for recreational purposes, a pledge found in the

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