From cannabis edibles to plant proteins: 2019 food trends

Food continues to find its way into the consciousness of Canadians.

It’s in our news feed, on our television screens and, more and more, part of our day-to-day conversations. The challenge is to separate the fact from the fiction, the ephemeral from the soon-to-be everyday. The University of Guelph’s newest Food Focus Trends Report highlights six key trends likely to be front and centre this year.

Flexitarians on the rise

While vegans and vegetarians get all the attention, the flexitarians are rapidly growing in number — and in clout. A flexitarian is someone who is eating less meat rather than giving it up entirely.

Almost 85 per cent of Canadians claim to eat at least one vegetarian meal per month, with nearly 50 per cent saying they do so at least once a week. Despite only seven to eight per cent of Canadians identifying as vegetarian or vegan, the

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