How Lowell Herb Co. Became America’s First Great Weed Brand

Two years ago, the organic marijuana start-up Lowell Herb Co. struck pop culture gold with what every brand craves: a viral moment. The brand’s “weed flower crown,” a $55 smokable headpiece made specifically for Coachella, became the it-accessory at the 2017 edition of the boho-chic Indio, Calif., festival—if you’re not counting jorts. The Instagram-worthy fashion statement promised a full 1/4 oz. of the company’s signature “Coachella blend” and featured aptly titled strains like “Dog Walker,” “Single White Girl,” and “Chocolate Hashberry,” offered at local dispensary Palm Springs Safe Access in the Coachella Valley.

The stunt secured a blitz of national media attention: Buzzfeed boasted that it took the flower crown “to a whoooole new level,” while Vice dubbed it “a festival accessory that is actually cool.” The brand even courted the stylish set with slightly sardonic praise from New York‘s The Cut” (“Coachella outfits

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