Marijuana programs evolving in Pennsylvania | News |

STATE COLLEGE — The inside of the dispensary is like the lobby of a hotel. Plush lounge chairs, a Keurig coffeemaker and an electric glass fireplace decorate the front room. The television displays colloquial names of various strains like llera-Skywalker Sauce with 75 percent THC.

On a typical weekday, a steady stream of customers come into Nature’s Medicines marijuana dispensary. Clients, some from Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and as far as the New Jersey border are escorted by name into the backroom and leave with their next doses of relief from severe and maybe debilitating conditions.

Nature’s Medicines opened its doors in June 2018. It is one of 45 dispensaries that have begun selling medical marijuana in the state since legalization in April 2016 and the beginning of the medical marijuana program in February 2018. Twenty-one health conditions qualify to be treated with medical marijuana, ranging from cancer remission therapy to autism.

Those with these

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