Pot bill offering 9% tax clears first difficulty

Proponents of legalizing marijuana have long pointed to a prospective windfall they say state and local governments could enjoy by taxing products that now circulate on the black market.

But the sponsors of a bill to legalize marijuana in New Mexico have an unlikely goal.

They don’t want to tax it too much. And there’s a reason why.

“Our goal was to stay under 20 percent,” said Rep. Javier Martinez, a Democrat from Albuquerque who is co-sponsoring House Bill 356, known as the Cannabis Regulation Act.

The law would set a relatively moderate excise tax of 9 percent on marijuana. Local governments could add up to 3 percent. State as well as local gross receipts taxes would apply, too.

While other states have charged more, the idea is to ensure that marijuana sold on the legal market can compete with the black market.

Colorado has a 15 percent excise tax as well as a 15 percent

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