Cannabis Retreats Are Making the Vacation Industry More Marijuana-Friendly

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In July, Unger will be curating meals at a five-day cannabis retreat called Cannabliss in Ojai, where attendees will receive a vaporizer with which to inhale different strains to complement each course. The event is part of a burgeoning cannabis experience industry around Los Angeles — and this retreat is one of the most elaborate yet.

In the morning, breakfast will include sativa strains, which give attendees a boost in energy and concentration for a physical activity such as hiking or intense yoga. In the middle of the day, the itinerary offers a hybrid strain intended to inspire creativity for a workshop like writing or painting. And at night, attendees will get an indica to help them sleep before they return to their rooms.

“People have obviously been smoking and using cannabis for years. It’s not a new thing, but this

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