Hot Marijuana Valentine’s Day Gifts of California

Get in the mood for love with cannabis, a sensual enhancer that may help you connect to your partner, and be present in the moment. With mild, approachable cannabis-based products available in the form of chocolates, tea, tinctures, vape pens, infused oils, lotions, and intimate lubes, it’s easy to try something new this Valentine’s Day and surprise your love with a selection of sensational highs.

Whether you’re looking to connect with a sexy new friend, or rekindle a longtime love affair with your spouse, cannabis can bring a newfound sense of immediacy to lovemaking, igniting passion and playfulness while helping you feel confident and desirable.

In proper doses, the main active ingredient in cannabis, THC, can relieve pain and inflammation, which help with arousal. Herb’s secondary molecule, CBD, can dampen anxiety, also helping the mood. In the below products, cannabis is often blended with other herbs to create formulations that arouse, excite,

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