‘It leads the world’: Alberta cannabis expertise sought in Ontario

A Calgary-based cannabis retailer’s mission to advise greenhorn operators in Ontario reflects Alberta’s pre-eminence in the pot business, says a spokesman for the firm.

High Tide Inc., which sells cannabis in four Canna Cabana stores in Alberta, has agreed to assist two Ontario retailers that have been selected in that province’s lottery to join the first batch of 25 marijuana outlets to open there April 1.

“We do have a head start from a retail perspective,” said High Tide’s chief strategy officer Nicholas Kuzyk, referring to both his company and the Alberta industry.

“It’s something to be proud of in Alberta, having 75 licensed cannabis stores this quickly — it leads the world.”

It’s bewildering, he said, that the governing NDP hasn’t cited its rollout of legal cannabis as a talking point leading up to the impending provincial election.

“I’m surprised the NDP hasn’t owned this as an achievement,” said Kuzyk.

High Tide will offer assistance on

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