Letters, Feb 14: Ottawa has history of breaking the rule of law

The “remediation agreement” option SNC-Lavalin lobbied the feds to enact engages moral relativism. Economic benefits and wealth exempt — and render immune — from direct consequences those who would violate the rule of law to which ordinary Canadians would likely be subject.

Recall KPMG’s Isle of Man tax sham secretly “remediated” by the CRA without any enforcement consequences compared to the $500 million in fines KPMG paid in the U.S., criminal convictions and jail time for KPMG accountants who cooked up the scheme, and civil penalties and IRS prosecution for their U.S. tax-evader clients.

Or the CRA’s refusal to tackle massive tax evasion by foreign speculators flipping real estate in Ontario and B.C. for three years because most were Chinese. It’s not racist to go after people for their illegal behaviour.

Ottawa is using “moral relativism” and “political correctness” to trump the rule of law. As columnist Andrew Coyne

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