RCMP Unit Tells Vanier Students of Consequences of Cannabis

The RCMP held a cannabis information workshop for students at Vanier Collegiate. With students exposed to some knowledge about the drug since its legalization last year.

Ashton Bennett and Mylaine Gauvreau, two visitors from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s national youth service’s crime prevention unit in Ottawa, went to Vanier for the presentation, which included slides and a question and answer session at the end.

“The message is that we wanted to make sure the youth are aware of the legal consequences,” said Gauvreau. “For the RCMP, this is our main focus. Our lane is the legal focus. When we were doing initially some talk, a lot of the youth didn’t know the legal aspect of cannabis.”

When they started doing their presentation, they wanted to also bring forward some of the health aspects of marijuana and make sure the students had a well-rounded field of information.

And they’re setting straight some of the

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