An Update on Slang Worldwide (SLGWF)

SLANG Worldwide Inc. SLGWF is a leading cannabis consumer packaged goods company that operates in 11 U.S states and currently sells their products in over 2,600 retail locations.


The company announced on Monday March 11, that they have launched its RESERVE products in the world’s biggest marijuana market, California.


According to BDS Analytics, California is one of the largest cannabis markets in the Unites States with recreational sales of $1.2 billion for the 2018 calender year.


The expansion of SLANG’s products in California further boosts the company’s portfolio to expand into every U.S state. 


RESERVE is filled with high-quality and high-potency distillate cannabis oil with a selection up to 15 top strains.


Being sold alongside RESERVE, SLANG already sells the #2 best-selling cannabis brand in the U.S with O.PenVAPE. They also sell Bakked, which is currently California’s #1 best-selling distillate.


SLANG Co-Founders Sell Mettrum Health in

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