Marijuana Entrepreneurs Wary Of Copycats

Cannabis companies are often surprised and dismayed when they discover their work copied by a dishonest competitor seeking to make a quick entrance into the market or gain an advantage without doing the work to earn it. The industry is full of start-ups and some companies are trying to short cut their way to success.

Jordan Friedman, chief executive of Zodaka a cannabis payment platform, said that one of his competitors, a cryptocurrency-based cannabis payment solution, recently took “several large swaths of our design and verbiage for use on their own site.” While this sort of plagiarism can be somewhat flattering, he said, it was “very jarring to see something our team had spent countless hours on blatantly cut and pasted onto another company’s site.”

Zodaka cannabis payment service found its ideas copied by a competitor onlineZodaka

To combat the situation, Friedman took the

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