Arcadian Biosciences stock jumps 50 percent after announcing new cannabis business unit

Arcadian Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKDA) jumped fifty percent in recent weeks, closing with a price of $8 after announcing their brand new cannabis business unit. The unit, aptly named Arcadia Speciality Genomics, is the biotech’s first foray into the cannabis and CBD markets. Arcadian will be using the specialty genomics branch to bring a set of standards to cannabis cultivation.

Who is Arcadian Biosciences?

Arcadian Biosciences is an agricultural food ingredient company whose unique technological approach has improved the production of wheat, flour, and other commonplace food ingredients. The company uses TILLING, a type of screening and breeding technology, to isolate plants with highly-desirable characteristics and reproduce them. This kind of tech could prove unlimited when it comes to isolating and recreating strains of cannabis that are in high demand.

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“Our new strategic business unit will focus on the optimization

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