Cannabis Tourism: North America’s Budding New Industry

As countries around the world loosen their cannabis laws, a natural extension of a legal cannabis market is cannabis tourism.

Cannabis tourism, or cannatourism, is beginning to gain steam. While the Netherlands has made a stake in the industry due to its lax cannabis laws that go back to the 1970s, the U.S. and Canada are just beginning to capitalize on cannabis tourism as legalization takes hold.

While the laws are still being determined in Canada, experts predict cannabis tourism is going to be big business. Shaman Ferraro, CEO of cannabis tourism guide Gocanna, has estimated it may generate up to $2 billion for Canada’s tourism industry.

However, cannabis tourism is still new, albeit fertile, ground, and its feasibility, the laws around it and how it can be done safely is still being worked out.

Read on to discover how cannabis tourism has played out in markets worldwide, and the businesses and laws

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