Chem Tales: Kiva Confections Bets on Gold for St. Patrick’s Day – March 13, 2019

During the height of holiday shopping, several cannabis brands last December decided to get in on the fun. Dosist packaged its vaporizer pens with candles scented like the company’s oil formulas. Francis Ford Coppola jumped in with a curated selection of buds housed inside a hollow replica of a wine bottle. Like a stoned Santa staring wide-eyed at a plate full of freshly baked cookies, the cannabis industry is clearly ready to take a big bite out of the holidays.

As the regulated market continues to expand both within California and across an increasing number of other states, more and more businesses are turning to seasonal tie-in products to differentiate themselves from the competition. If Christmas offerings were the first contenders, things have reached a new level with the news that Kiva Confections is releasing a St. Patrick’s Day

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