California is running out of legal weed due to excessive government red tape

As emerging cannabis markets grapple with balancing supply and demand, some are experiencing gluts, while others are facing crippling shortages. When legalized recreational marijuana hit store shelves in Canada, the country almost immediately faced a major shortage that resulted in people flocking to cannabis dispensaries like a Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, Oregonians are practically swimming in legal weed. Now, news has come to light that California may run out of legal marijuana as soon as this summer, reports Leafly.

“Right now, thousands of farms operate under temporary licenses from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Those 6,924 temp licenses are expiring faster than the CDFA can issue permanent annual licenses. Also, those temp licenses can’t be extended unless existing law is tweaked,” says Leafly. This means that the existing supply could start drying up this spring and be completely gone this summer unless California acts

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