Israeli Study On Inhaled Cannabis Concentrates And Cancer Commences

Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries has announced a partnership with the Rafa pharmaceutical company to conduct clinical research of cannabis concentrate inhalation.

The primary goal of the study is to increase accessibility for cancer patients who have been using cannabis to treat acute pain but prefer not to smoke.

“Every clinical research that helps manage treatment using medical cannabis is important,” said Sheba Hospital Director, Dr. Itay Gur-Areyeh, M.D. in a news release. “Delivering treatment via inhalation is characterized by a quicker response time than oral or sublingual tablets.”

The two Israeli firms will be examining the bioavailability of cannabis concentrates using an inhaler with an attached vaporizer. Patients will be able to add precisely-measured doses of cannabis extracts to the device for inhalation.

Rafa CEO, Anat Savion says that the future

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