Support for Cannabis Legalization Grows to 62%

pew marijuana legalization poll 1
(Pew Research Center)

All told, 62% of Americans favor legalization, Pew found. Younger generations were more supportive, with majorities of millennials (74%), Generation Xers (63%), and baby boomers (54%) on the side of legalization.

pew marijuana legalization poll 2
(Pew Research Center)

Among the Silent Generation, or those born between 1928 and 1945, 39% said they support legalization. That’s lower than other generations, but it’s a significant increase from a year earlier and nearly double what it was in 2000.

Other demographic groups with majorities opposed to legalization include white evangelical protestants (52% opposed) and Republicans (51%). Among respondents who identified as Hispanic, 50% said they oppose legalization while 48% said they support it.

Nearly every other demographic group surveyed, however—including men, women, blacks, whites, Catholics, mainline Protestants,

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