We Asked a Dentist and a Dental Hygienist to Weigh In on Marijuana’s Impact on Your Teeth

Taking care of your oral health can be important for your self-esteem and general appearance, but the link between oral health and overall health is critical to our well-being. When reports surfaced about how smoking cannabis can cause disease and oral health problems, Civilized reached out to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) to weigh in on marijuana’s impact on your teeth. Here’s what they had to say.

Avoid Smoking

To maintain excellent oral health, you should avoid smoking cannabis—especially when mixed with tobacco, according to Dr. Aaron Burry – Associate Director of Clinical Affairs at the Canadian Dental Association (CDA).

“When you combine these two products, it doubles the carcinogens that people are being exposed to,” he shared. “There is also an increase in the risk of periodontal or gum disease with smoking cannabis.”

Be Wary of Vaping

Some people may shrug off Dr. Burry’s warning about smoking cannabis

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