Beat The Heat With The Chill: The Freezable Tube Vaporizer

Chances are, if you’re a smoker, you have heard of Randy’s. Randy’s started in 1975 with the production of their innovative Wired Rolling Papers. These papers have a stainless steel wire inside making them super easy to roll, pass, and smoke. For the past 43 years, Randy’s has been working hard—and succeeding—at creating innovative products for smokers. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner, the official cleaner of Illadelph Glass, is the fastest working liquid glass cleaner on the market. But have you heard about the world’s only freezable tube vaporizer? Randy’s has really done something special with the chill.

Randy’s Chill

The chill is the only vaporizer in the world with a freezable tube. Think of it as an ice catcher for your vape, but without the mess. The chill is a premium 2-in-1 vaporizer, so whether you want to vape flower or concentrates, the chill has you covered. We spoke with Randy’s

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