Hands-On With the KandyPens Rubi

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KandyPens’ latest vaporizer, the Rubi, provides a lot of power in a low-profile package. This oil vaporizer also allows users to customize their experience by filling its removable tank with the cannabis oil or distillate of their choice. In Leafly’s latest Hands-On, cannabis gourmand and subject matter expert Bailey Rahn and editor Ian Chant each took a ten-day test drive using the Rubi at home and on the road. Here’s what they thought of this small wonder.

BR: So the KandyPens Rubi…what were your first impressions?

IC: Well, I’m a very big micro-dosing guy. I’m pretty rarely looking to get really ripped; more often, I’m looking to kind of take the edge off things. I’m already a regular vape pen user, and this is one I liked a lot

BR: What did you think of the dose control on this compared to other vape pens?


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