Here’s Why CBD Is Literally Everywhere Now

It’s an understatement to say that cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere you turn. Celebs like Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams have used Lord Jones CBD lotion to prep their feet for red carpet heels, while Kristen Bell swears by the same lotion for back pain. CBD massages are popping up in spas across the nation. You can walk into a neighborhood cafe and get your latte with extra foam and CBD oil. It’s a wellness ingredient that appeals across generations (millennials are sipping on CBD-infused sparkling water for anxiety; Baby Boomers are using it to ease arthritis pain) and even species. (Got a stressed dog? There’s a CBD chew for that). It feels like we’ve reached peak CBD… or have we?

Even though the science hasn’t quite caught up to the word-of-mouth reputation, unlike most wellness fads — ahem, the

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