New York: Legalization of recreational Marijuana might not be possible in 2019

Minnesota is often regarded as one of the most restrictive states when it comes to medical marijuana. Where else would you find the following ‘features’:

  • The drug is available only in the form of tablets and liquids, and the plant is illegal.
  • The state boasts just two manufacturers.
  • Only patients with one of the thirteen severe conditions can enroll.

Nevertheless, here are 5 more facts that you need to know about Minnesota’s medical program right away:

Patients dropping out in huge numbers

The official figures from the Minnesota Health Department are rather startling. New patients are dropping out of the program in bunches.

More than 3,400 patients, 54% of the total participants, who enrolled in the program in 2017, did not re-enroll the next year.

Locating a certified medical marijuana doctor is difficult

Around 22,966 patients have ever enrolled in the Minnesota medical marijuana program. However, just 30 doctors have referred to around half of the patients to the

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