Rosario: Should Minnesota legalize pot? And what are the consequences?

I got a kick from a photo of a billboard an acquaintance sent to me after a recent trip to the West Coast.

“Cannabis delivered,” the large sign read, in big, bold letters. The sign rests atop a one-story-high and one-block-long stretch of a building complex that also houses an establishment that proudly calls itself a dive bar and another that sells “pet cookies.”

Google the California-based company,, whose name appears on the sign, and the first entry that pops up is a more direct message: “Marijuana delivered.”

This is but one eyebrow-raising example for baby boomers like me that times have surely changed in some places. We did not need such billboards in my old neighborhood in a city and state that are now also contemplating such a move.

The peddlers, ranging from a friend of a friend to hardcore dealers, hand-delivered bags of various qualities (no seeds, please) at schools, parties,

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