The 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers For People Who Are New To Weed

So you’ve heard all about the health benefits of vaping weed as opposed to smoking it and now you’re ready to buy your very first vape. But are you prepared to find the perfect vape? Between the vast variety of units and the even more massive amount of features, probably not.

A good place to start is with dry herb vaporizers— or vaporizers designed for the flower form of cannabis rather than concentrates. That’s because vaping dry herbs, as well as loading them, is a lot simpler than working with sticky extracts. Not to mention, the high you get from dry herb vaporizers isn’t overbearing for newbies. More importantly, vaping weed in its natural form won’t send your tolerance skyrocketing when you’ve only just begun turning to the refined way of getting lifted.

It won’t be long before you shed your rookie status. But for now, embrace it with one of

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