Tips to Master Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation: Q&A with Ryan Douglas

Cannabis cultivators have much to consider when scaling up their operation or launching a large-scale cultivation facility from scratch, and, sometimes, the overwhelming amount of options can cause business owners to overcomplicate the process by trying to implement too many ideas at once, according to Ryan Douglas, owner of cannabis consulting company Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC.

Here, Douglas outlines the common problems cultivators face when embracing large-scale cultivation, as well as tips for managing workflow, automation and more in a larger facility—without juggling too many variables at once.

Cannabis Business Times: What is one of the biggest challenges cultivators face when expanding their cultivation operation or launching a large-scale operation from scratch, and how can this be overcome? 

Ryan Douglas: Most cultivation start-ups tend to overcomplicate the process. Commercial cultivation is complicated enough, but groups new to the industry try to implement all of the great ideas they read about

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