Canada’s First Batch of Cannabis Edibles Might Taste Terrible Thanks to Testing Regulations

One of the biggest hurdles facing the Canadian cannabis edibles industry is whether or not the products will actually taste good when they hit the shelves of licensed retailers next fall. Canada will legalize edibles by October 17, 2019, but day one could be a bit rocky since companies hoping to make cannabis-infused foods are dealing with a number of difficult problems. Chief among them is actually making sure their products taste good.

While the Canadian government has given cannabis producers the go-ahead to start making pot brownies and other edibles, getting permission to let potential customers taste-test those products isn’t so easy. Producers have to get a special research license from the federal government before they can bring in consumers to sample some edibles. Applications to receive one of the licenses can take upwards of four months, according to one industry expert. And most companies are still waiting to hear back.


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