Cannabis Chew? Yep, It’s a Thing And It Just Might Be Revolutionary

We talked with Case Mandel, co-founder of the California-based Cannadips company, about his product’s origin story and development, and how it may be a better consumption method than vapes and edibles. 

Describe what Cannadips is.

Cannadips come in a small fiber pouch that kind of looks like a chewing tobacco pouch. But they’re much smaller and modeled after Swedish Snus. The pouch is made of coconut fiber, essential oils, monk fruit, and the dry tincture. We have three flavors: American, Citrus, and Mint (which comes in THC and CBD)

How does it work?

When you put the product in your mouth, it gets absorbed under the tongue and into the back of the mouth, where there is the buccal artery. We believe this causes it to go directly to the brain and bypass the liver completely. We don’t know what percent of our products get absorbed in the mouth verse the gut

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