Bulls And Bud Of The Week: New Jersey’s Billion-Dollar Weed Market And Glacé Edibles

Welcome to the latest installment of “Bulls and Bud,” a column where we take a look at some of the most promising stocks and brands in the legal cannabis industry.

New Jersey

It’s been a long road, and it’s still not a done deal yet.

Still, New Jersey is now closer than its ever been to legalizing the adult use of cannabis.

Last week, the bill that will allow the good people of New Jersey to legally buy and consume adult-use cannabis, cleared the Assembly Appropriations Committee. And Governor Phil Murphy is eager to get this thing signed.

The Cannabis Capital Conference returns to Toronto April 17-18!

Investors who have been following legalization developments in New Jersey are likely encouraged by this recent move. Particularly those that own shares of the public cannabis companies that already have exposure in the Garden State.

These include: