North America Cannabis Customer Base Increasing as Revenue Opportunities Grow Quickly

PALM BEACH, Florida, April 11, 2019 /CNW/ — Since the 1960’s, all eyes have been on California (Berkley, San Francisco, etc.) when it comes to marijuana. In fashion, films, societal changes and legalized pot… California has always seemed to be in the lead. So it is no surprise to see articles looking to California to see what will be trending next year in the cannabis markets. In California, cannabis is not only legal, but you can also have it delivered to your home.  And the company that did most of those deliveries issued a report based on data they collected from 450,000 buyers and about 4,000 survey respondents.   The delivery company’s name is Eaze and here is what their report said: “2018 was a monumental year for the cannabis industry. California, the largest cannabis market in the country,

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