Why millennials everywhere are ditching dirty stocks for ETFs (and you should too)

Our folks invested in dirty energy and other dodgy things via mutual funds. Millenials can do better. Say hello to Exchange-Traded Funds, your way to invest in clean energy, emerging technologies, cannabis and more.

ETFs are to millenials what old-school mutual funds were to the baby boomers. Our tech-savvy, socially conscious, transparency demanding, price aware, skinny jean and man bun-wearing generation is hooked on this low-cost, transparent investment vehicle.

But what are ETFs anyway?

Basically, it’s a “basket” of a whole bunch of stocks and other investment assets combined into a single investment product that’s traded on the stock market 24/7. So you can sit in South Africa and, with a single, easy transaction, invest in a wide range of stocks and other investments globally, and then you can track how your investments are doing any time of day or

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