How Harrell’s MAX Rx Addresses Cannabis Cultivation

As the vast and well catalogued world of plant nutrition research begins to intersect with the nascent cannabis industry, commercial growers are increasingly turning toward established companies with experience in nurturing healthy crops on a large scale. Harrell’s, which was founded in 1941 in Lakeland, Fla., now offers a tailor-made solution for growers interested in increasing yield and carefully tending to the nuances of their cannabis plants.

Dr. Raymond Snyder, Harrell’s Director of Agronomy, says that close observation is required: both in how Harrell’s formulated its plant nutrition products and in how growers implement them. His company is committed to that careful examination with its customized Harrell’s MAX Rx program.

“These offerings in the cannabis market are the evolution of what we intended to start 12 years ago,” Snyder said. “The overarching goal was to have products that are clean, clear and compatible. We could mix our individual components with

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