‘A Really Nice Entry Point’: Cannabis Microdosing And Who It’s For

Despite a growing selection of cannabis products available nationwide, there still are more people who don’t consume cannabis than those who do. Some are afraid to even try cannabis because of the “high,” while others can’t consume it because they’re forbidden from doing so.

People who can’t consume or or are afraid to consume cannabis have another path to take advantage of CBD and THC’s anti-inflammatory, stress- and anxiety-relief properties without the risk of intoxication. This can be achieved through microdosing, a method of consuming amounts of THC and CBD so low that the person remains sober, yet high enough for the brain to react.

To get a better idea about cannabis microdosing, we sat down with Tim Moxey, the co-founder and CEO of Botanica Seattle, a Washington-based edibles company and the mastermind behind Mr. Moxey’s Mints, a brand of THC- and/or CBD-infused microdose mints.

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