Blue Collar Criminals: OKC marijuana business thrives near jail

Blue Collar Criminals
The BCC Collective medical marijuana dispensary sits two blocks west of the Oklahoma County Jail. (Molly Kruse / Gaylord News)


(Editor’s note: The following story appears courtesy of Gaylord News, a reporting project of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.)

In a yellow-lit room inside an echoing 10,620-square-foot warehouse, grower Som Kiani tends to 385 pungent cannabis plants. Instead of soil, the plants flourish in cubes made of spun volcanic rock, fed with water and nutrients by snake-like plastic tubes.

The plants would have been confiscated this time last year, and Kiani would have been arrested for growing them—but now caring for them is all in a day’s work. The cannabis dispensary where he works is located a

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