Edible Cannabis: Coming to a Dispensary Near You in Florida

Medical marijuana continues its eventful 2019 in the Sunshine State. Mere weeks after Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill ending Florida’s ban on smokable medical marijuana, the Florida Legislature pushed back on the industry. A February house bill that sought to legalize recreational cannabis died without a hearing or a vote, the House Appropriations Committee rejected an amendment that would have allowed medical marijuana to treat opioid addiction, and, despite the lack of public support, the Legislature proposed a bill that would place caps on THC levels in smokable medical marijuana. Nevertheless, the thriving cannabis industry in Florida, a market that is valued in excess of $5 billion and has seen 200,000+ patient registrations, marches forward undeterred.

In a move that was predicted in January, the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services just finalized its rules for how medical marijuana growers can obtain licenses to make and sell edible cannabis

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