Legislative action needed to keep California’s legal cannabis industry afloat

California Senate Bill 67 proposed to revalidate cannabis farmers’ temporary licenses

California’s legal cannabis industry is about to experience a shortage in its marijuana supply, experts say, as nearly 10,000 cultivators’ licenses are set to expire by the end of April. Without a valid license, these farmers will be forced by the state government to halt their operations.

This is expected to cause major disturbances down the industry’s supply chain if a legislative fix doesn’t pass. Enter California Senate Bill 67. Published on Feb. 19, SB 67 would revalidate temporary licenses for farmers who have submitted their applications for a permanent annual license.

“If SB 67 doesn’t happen, that will have repercussions up and down every single aspect of the supply chain,” said Matt Z’Berg, the vice president of public affairs for Perfect Union retail stores, Fireworx Farms and Metta Distribution and Transportation LLC. “So cultivator, distributor, testing lab, retail —

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