Mind your Ps and Qs: Lizzie Post offers her views in Higher Etiquette as cannabis increasingly becomes part of everyday social interactions

The Emily Post brand is generally associated with good housekeeping, not clean rolling. So her great-great-granddaughter was not an obvious go-to for a book about weed. But as Lizzie Post explains, the expanding legalization of pot means “people end up interacting with it socially—whether they use it themselves or not.” And who better to guide us through the sticky situations that are bound to come up than a fifth-generation expert on manners?

In a recent phone interview from her home, the Vermont-based writer talks about Higher Etiquette, her guide to the world of cannabis, and why she thinks her country club should launch a marijuana-themed golf tournament.

We already navigate social situations involving intoxicants like alcohol. Is cannabis that different?

It is a different beast, and I do think that it needs to be respected as different.

One of my friends had a moment the

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