Rise of Big Weed: MedMen’s Growing Pains

Adam Bierman is hosting what he calls a family reunion for about 60 employees at MedMen, the country’s most prominent retail-weed company. The MedMen CEO is the size of a baseball middle infielder, a position he used to play in college. He has the temperament as well: fierce eyes, buzz-cut hair and a brash style that has been a boost and a bust for MedMen. He stands in front of a Culver City, California, conference room with a PowerPoint clicker in his hand and talks like the guy trying to sell you a ShamWow on late-night TV, but with a prosperity-gospel twist. He begins with the pain-relieving potential of marijuana.

“If cannabis can replace pills, then maybe I’ll get a better job,” says Bierman, clapping his hands. Bier­man was a suit man just three years ago, but now he’s mirroring his clients in a purple

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