Supply Chain Contract Essentials

It takes a village to run your cannabis company.

You may rely on vendors, security and tech companies, and other operators to help your dispensary run optimally and smoothly. And with those various relationships come contracts to ensure both you and the other party are protected in the best- and, of course, worst-case scenarios. But are you sure your contracts are working for you and not against you? Unfortunately, without guidance, they may not be.

To help you navigate the complicated world of contracts, four cannabis industry attorneys offer 10 best practices you should follow when drafting legal agreements.

Habib Bentaleb, founder, Law Office of Habib Bentaleb

The Law Office of Habib Bentaleb is a corporate firm that advises direct operators, service providers and investors in the cannabis industry. Bentaleb points out that while the cannabis plant itself is quite old, the industry is still in its infancy—and that

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