420 Edible Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Granola Bars for On-the-Go Consumption

The 420 holiday is a special day of the year, a day when cannabis consumers the world across come together and celebrate their love for the plant. While many people will choose to smoke flower or dab concentrates, plenty will choose to up their cannabis intake throughout the day by eating an edible or two.

This granola bar is the perfect 420 edible because it’s easy to take on the road to any number of parties or picnics, and easy to control your dosing. Make sure to always start low and slow, as it is definitely possible to overeat a potent edible and get too high — especially on an exuberant day like 420. You know your desired potency, so infuse wisely. #Don’tFearTheEdible

These are “top of the stove” granola bars, which means they’re made in a

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