A dank guide to talking about getting high

Too self-conscious to admit you don’t know your shatter from your wax? Wondering why the hell everything from iced tea to sheet masks is “CBD-infused” all of a sudden? Not willing to risk a Google search on any of this? We got you, bud.

420: There are myriad legends as to how “420” became stoner slang, but no, it’s not a police code for “marijuana smoking in progress” and it’s got nothing to do with Hitler’s birthday. Feel free to light up a doob and dive into this 1970s-era internet rabbit hole (hint: The Grateful Dead are involved, naturally).

Blunt: A hollowed-out cigar that is refilled with cannabis, not the manner in which your wife talks to you when asking you to do the dishes.

Bogart: To monopolize; to be bad at sharing; not following the sacred stoner credo of “puff, puff, pass.” (regional variations: kype, scype, D-block)

Bong: A glass pipe that uses

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