Convection or Combustion: Choosing The Best Way to Vape Your Cannabis

In an era where cannabis is becoming more and more widespread – both for medical use and recreationally – many people are turning to the more healthy option of vaping their buds rather than smoking them.

From smoking, to eating, vaping (vaporizing) and more, cannabis has been used for millennia across the globe by various cultures; not only for it’s medicinal and calming effects but also as a way of life for some religions and ancient cultures. Less than a hundred years ago, cannabis became prohibited – especially in the west – and its use punishable by a criminal record and even jail time.

All that has changed drastically over the past decade as countries like Israel, Brazil, Portugal and many states in North America have moved to legalize or decriminalize cannabis for personal use. Many states in the USA also have provisions for the medical prescription of cannabis to

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