How cannabis brands like Lowell Herb Co., Dosist, and Beboe stand out

Brands in the crowded vaporizer space, meanwhile, are jostling for attention by appealing to different demographics. The fashion-forward Beboe, cofounded by L.A. tattoo artist Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan, a former Yoox and Dolce Gabbana executive, offers relaxation via delicate rose-gold vape pens (from $60) and tins of pink pastilles. High-end dispensary MedMen recently launched a gender-neutral brand, called Statemade, which features a squared-off copper vaporizer ($72) that looks like the Bauhaus of blunts. Ad agency Anomaly helped develop the medicinal-looking white vaporizers ($100) of the three-year-old Dosist. Available in California and Florida, they are calibrated to address pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and more. “This is a health and wellness brand, not a pot brand,” says Anomaly founding partner Jason Deland.

To lure the stalwart consumers of the cannabis industry—18- to 24-year-old men—G Pen is using technology: It’s developing an app for its rhombus-shaped Gio vaporizer

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