May 2019

It seems former Attorney ­General Jeff Sessions was correct about one thing: Pot legalization has provided cover for criminals, ­allowing illicit production to thrive. Experts estimate that at least 30 percent of cannabis ­cultivated in legal states is being “diverted” to illicit ­markets across the country. The biggest problem has been the lure of higher […]

There are 2.2 billion gamers worldwide, and nearly 20 percent watch esports. Evolve will launch its new esports ETF under the ticker HERO. The esports industry has expanded to remarkable levels in recent years. With 75 percent of North American households having at least one gamer, there are 2.2 billion gamers worldwide.  A gamer is defined […]

Every night before she goes to bed, Holly Byerly takes three to four drops of a tincture that’s half CBD and half THC. “I mostly use it for migraines, which I was getting up to 15 times a month,” explains Byerly, who works at a medical spa in the Bay Area. Since starting her nightly […]

The legal cannabis industry in California is a step away from another marker of legitimacy: a bill that would authorize state-chartered banks for cannabis businesses awaits Assembly approval and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature. Until now, the cannabis industry has largely remained bank-less. Even larger businesses operate on a cash-only basis. Senate Bill 51 would allow […]

One Canadian investor is eager to start sourcing marijuana from Barbados to export to other regions. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Stripe Naturals Wayne Isaacs told Barbados TODAY he was anticipating the passing of legislation here so he could invest significantly in helping to develop a medical cannabis industry. “Our main goal in […]

CLIO, MI – A Clio middle school student faces potential expulsion after providing THC-infused candy to fellow students. The issue arose after two students began acting erratically on Tuesday, May 21 at Carter Middle School, but it was later found out that a total of six seventh and eighth-grade students had consumed the hard rock […]

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) reported its third-quarter results on May 15. They didn’t meet analysts’ consensus expectations. ACB stock temporarily lost some ground, only to regain those losses by the end of the day’s trading. That’s a common occurrence when it comes to Aurora Cannabis stock and most other publicly traded pot stocks. The cannabis industry […]

A new investment thesis that should play out in the cannabis sector as the year progresses is a focus on particular market and segments. Companies focusing on specific market segments such as cultivation, supply chains or retail stores are likely to prosper while a company trying to serve all of the market segments is likely […]