From AI to Machine Learning: How These Tech Platforms are Pushing Cannabis into the Future

Today’s cannabis industry can best be described as pioneering. No word is a better fit to describe the spirit of a now-booming industry that’s had to fight its way to legality through decades of activism and self-determination. As the cannabis industry hurdles into the future, innovative cultivators and scientists have been developing new technologies to accommodate the ever-expanding commercial market and the regulations it must abide by.

Everything from cannabis cultivation to extraction to delivery methods and seed-to-sale tracking demand technological solutions that break into new frontiers and even set standards for other, tangential industries like agriculture, medicine, and retail. Day after day, cannabis businesses are venturing into new terrains as exciting and unexplored as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, augmented reality, machine learning, blockchain, and more.

Cultivation Enhanced With Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

New technologies applied to cannabis cultivation are allowing for higher yields at lower prices, while reducing energy usage

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