The Business of Cannabis In The Sunshine Economy

The first legal industrial hemp seeds in decades are growing now in South Florida soil.

CBD is showing up in ice cream, gummy bears and cocktails, but the state says the products are illegal.

And millions of dollars are being generated by the medical marijuana industry in Florida, but few banks want the money.

Business from cannabis is growing fast in Florida; some of it regulated tightly, and some of it without rules. But all of it comes with cash that the banking industry is reluctant to touch. 

Industrial Hemp

In a field in Homestead earlier this month, the first legal industrial hemp seeds in 70 years were put into the South Florida soil. “This is a big milestone for the U.S. hemp program,” says Zack Byrm who runs the University of Florida Tropical Research and Education Center, which is growing the plants.

Getting to planting day wasn’t easy. Last

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