Cannabis-laced edibles are leading to a spike in child ER visits

To a small child, ordinary gummy bears, brownies or chocolate bars are indistinguishable from those laced with cannabis: Children, naturally curious, like to explore their environments and put objects in their mouths. But in the wake of an increase in the incidence of cannabis intoxication among young children, the Trauma Centre of the Montreal Children’s Hospital has issued an alert about the need to properly store cannabis products.

They should be stored — ideally locked — out of sight of young children and away from their curious hands, said Dr. Dominic Chalut, an emergency physician and toxicologist at the McGill University Health Centre hospital, and trauma director Debbie Friedman in an alert issued Thursday morning.

The trauma centre has prepared a new brochure for the parents and caregivers of young children.

“We are starting to see more cases — and serious ones,” Friedman said.

Before 2016, it was

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