How Berner Built a Cannabis Brand Empire

When Berner (née Gilbert Milam Jr) was 18, he worked at the front desk of a cannabis dispensary in the Bay Area, checking IDs and filling out requisition forms. Most teens would view this kind of low-level job as a means to video game money – or possibly some discounted weed. Not Berner. Long before the Green Rush, long before Prop 42 made recreational marijuana legal in his home state, he saw business opportunities on those bland dispensary shelves. 

That was 18 years ago. These days Berner has a cannabis, clothing, and lifestyle empire called Cookies, as well as prolific and successful career as a rapper and record label founder. 

We sat down with him at the Hall of Flowers show last month to get the scoop on how he grew his business. 

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What did you learn working at

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